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Susanne Barrett - Australian Contempoary Artist/Painter

In my current style I endeavour to create pieces that are meaningful when viewed from a distance as well as alive with interest and wonder when viewed up close.

I love the excitement of those first brush strokes on a blank canvas or piece of paper. What will evolve?

My preferred medium is acrylic paint but I often combine this with other media such as oil, watercolour, charcoal and pastel. Many of my works also feature paper collage used either as a way to create texture or as accents in the finished piece. 
The majority of my work starts with no preconceived notion of a final outcome: instead each piece grows intuitively on a day to day basis. Line-work, collage, texture and colour are essential elements of these studies.

Eventually after layers of rich glazes, bold strokes, symbols and marks some semblance to a landscape once visited may appear and I can follow that path in bringing the painting to a conclusion.




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